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Why hello again. I also love print. I love colours and branding and getting your print work and design manuals just perfect. 

I Do Print. 


Shark think Tank is a creative pilot

project that functions as a link 

between Hawaii Pacific University 

and Protohub co-office-space for 



It was an initiative established to 

foster and motivate entrepreneurship within the campus ecosystem and I create their graphic marketing material and work as a representative from the Masters programs at HPU. 



Shark Tank



The MBA Club Hawaii is the biggest club on campus with over 500 members and hosts social networking events, guest speaking events, mixers and practically anything social that is beneficial to support and maintain a professional network for the MBA students at HPU. 


The style and colour scheme is set accordingly to the logo, and I try to maintain a certain style when developing graphics for the club. 


Check it out! 

MBA Club Hawaii




'Elefanten' was a school project, and the assignment we were given, was that we were to create a new identity for the “Café Elefanten” in Carlsbergbyen, Copenhagen.

We wanted the strong identity of the location in Carlsbergbyen, an old production facility area where one brewed beer back in time, to reflect in the café's own identity. All to create a 'recognition value'.

We made the design manual to visualize the idea to the customer in a creative way. 


Mad I En Kop

Winning project 2012

'Mad I En Kop' is a ready meal concept, designed specially for Slagter Lund which sells its products in its own stores and on the online super market;

The contest in which we won with this particular concept was arranged by our school KEA - Copenhagen School of Design & Technology, and the contest formulation was: Who can profit the most in 5 days by being innovative with a cup. ​We earned 10.000 DKK in these 5 days. 



2012 is a social community and was my final graduation project at my education as an Entrepreneurship Designer, made in a multidisciplinary collaboration with a student from the major; Media/It.

The platform offers the possibility to receive advice, empathy and guidance on ones scruples/bubbles.



Mini Portfolio


I created my A5 mini portfolio folder to have an extended business card with visualizations and descriptions of my references. 

I have used the folder in many different scenarios; scholarship applications, job applications, admission test at my education etc. with great benefit. 

It's different, fun and it's me :) 


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