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I Do Media. 

Well, well, well... Vivid media is also in my repertoire. I simply love working with media visualizations in both end result and process. 

Winning campaign 2015

life.beat. was developed at the Laulima Tech Challenge '15 in Honolulu and is a Caretaker mobile app for the medical industry in collaboration with Hoana Medical.

I won this hackathon as part of a redesign challenge given from Hoana Medical who requested an app targeting the B2C market rather than the B2B market which they currently operate in. We accomplished this by rebranding Hoana to life.beat. by approaching the technology on a more mainstream and commercial scale

Check out the campaign video here! 






Winning App 2014

The HICares project was a prototype developed for The Nature Conservancy as part of the Women's Hackathon in Honolulu. 


The app encourages and enables hikers (adventurers in general are welcome as well) to report invasive or native species of plants and animals on the trail or when in nature in general by taking a picture of the discovery sending it directly to The Nature Conservancy. 


The project received great recognition and is being evaluated by The Nature Conservancy as future product. 



Louis Nielsen

Winning campaign 2011

The 'Louis Nielsen' project,
was a school assignment in collaboration with the international optician chain; Specsavers,
which said that we were to
improve the sale of lenses in the primary segment: Male, aged 45-60.

By creating a furniture focused on sales of lenses in the stores, and a simple accompanied 'If blond babes can do it...' campaign to go with it, we won the competition issued by Louis Nielsen/Specsavers. 

Check out the campaign video here! 


Winning campaign 2012

The Diş Dostum // Tooth buddy project was as an idea which grew from our study trip to Istanbul - Turkey, where we were to find a problem and come up with a solution.

We discovered that teeth hygiene was an issue in Istanbul, in particular with children, and then took base from a report we found which showed the different worrying figures relating to teeth hygiene. 

The solution was a brand new information campaign rapped in a cartoon which made it a playful learning experience for the children.

This movie shows the concept's process!


Diş Dostum


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